Client area

Each of our projects has a private page on the website which you, the client can access using a password of your choice. This space will be home to all the plans, mood-boards, ideas and 3D renders as they are being created. This will be updated throughout the project bringing you real time developments on the design and build. You can check in on your phone or laptop wherever you are, making it easy to show friends and family the evolution of your space.

Click on the corresponding image to see your plans.


Base Render.3. crop.jpg

Loft Seven One One


Jo’s Place


kitchen townhouse no watermark.jpg

Townhouse 28

The Cabin

The Loft

Village Apartment

Arctic Cafe

Planks Clothing

Rye Cottage



Apartment R154

Travellers rest.jpg

Travellers Rest Concept


Small Space Concept

Waterfront Sculpture