Val d’Isere

Date: 2018

Brief: To create a contemporary ski chalet interior.

Inspiration: Exposed wooden beams, alpine hotels, amazing views

Townhouse 28


Date: 2018

Brief: To create a simple modern extension with an open feel and exposed brickwork.

Inspiration: Family life, light, space and storage.

The Cabin

Val d'Isere

Date completed: 2017

Brief: To create a simple mountain retreat with an open fire, exposed industrial features and a few luxuries you might find in a state of the art chalet.

Inspiration:  A hut lost in the woods, mountain refuge, log cabin.

The Loft

Val d’Isere

Date: 2017

Brief:  To create a stylish 'San Fransisco' style loft apartment in the heart of Val d'Isere

Inspiration:  Sam's Place, a working studio, London art space, eclectic design.

Village Apartment

Val d’Isere

Date: 2017

Brief: To create a modern, spacious studio apartment with a hint of alpine design.

Inspiration: Pine leaves, tree sap, reclaimed wood, contemporary alpine.


Artic Café

Val d’Isere

Date: 2017

Brief: To create a cosy hangout with an industrial vibe

Inspiration: Raw steel, reclaimed wood planks, minimalist lighting.



Date: 2016

Brief: To create a cool and unique shopping experience and social hub for all mountain enthusiasts

Inspiration: Pop up shop, unfinished aesthetic, London boutique.


Val d’Isere

Date: 2015

Brief: To create a Morrocan take on the classic alpine aesthetic.

Inspiration: Morrocan bar/restaurant, alpine chic, maximalist design.

Sam’s Place

Val d’Isere

Date: 2014

Brief:  To create a unique and exciting industrial space that compliments mountain living

Inspiration:  Art studio, carpenter's workshop, luxury mountain lodge