Based on the Isle of Wight, the CUSTOM Design Studio is a team of creatives specialising in all aspects of architectural and aesthetic interior design. 

With an ethical and conscious approach to our projects we create detailed solutions that are sympathetic to the world we live in.  

Design process - The Cabin

Cabin mood board thin.jpg

It starts with an idea

After an initial conversation about what you would like to achieve, we will put together a conceptual design package including sketches, mood boards, colour charts and material samples. 

Technical drawings

The second stage of the design process is to create the initial layouts. Whilst doing this we will really start to get a feel for the space and how it could work. This part is about form and function and will include architectural plans, elevations and schematic diagrams.

Cabin Plan.jpg
Cabin lines Drawing.jpg

Interior design

This is all about the details … finding the right tap for the kitchen or handle for a door is an art form in itself. Lighting, colour and fabric will determine how we experience the space and we have specialists in each of these areas as a part of the team. We also work with some of the country’s top manufacturers and suppliers and collaborate with local artists and craftsmen to create individual pieces.

Bringing a concept to life

Once you are happy with the look and feel of the design, we will bring each room to life as a series of 3D visualisations. This will give you the first opportunity to see what your new space is going to look like.

Cabin photo.jpg

Concept/completion - Townhouse 28

kitchen townhouse edit.jpg

Concept/completion - The Village Apartment

VA rneder.jpg
VA Photo.jpg

Concept/completion - The Loft

Screenshot (94).png